BMF Midlands (Region 3) Annual Regional Meeting

17/06/2018 11:00am

Fosse Riders Clubhouse, Western Park, A47 Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 6HX

BMF members are invited to attend the BMF Region 3 Annual Regional Meeting. You will be able to discuss the latest work of the BMF plus motorcycling issues happening in your area.

The meeting will begin at 11:00.

The purpose of the meeting shall be to:

  1. Receive written or verbal progress reports from the Management Team, the BMF Council and from the Regional Chairman;
  2. Present to the Management Team and BMF Council advice and assistance from members, and enable those members to raise questions about the work and progress of the Federation;
  3. Elect from those nominated, the Regional Chairman and BMF Councillors.
  4. Discuss nominations and motions to the AGM of the Federation.
  5. Discuss matters of interest to the Region.

Voting at the meeting will only be eligible for members, on production of valid card, who reside in the Region or a nominated representative of an affiliated club (these should be previously notified to the BMF head office prior to the day).

The Regional Chairman shall have copies of the agenda available. For all your Regional contact details, click here.