DVSA training scheme overhauled

Published on 22 June 2018 by Robert Drane

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has announced an overhaul of their Enhanced Rider Scheme.

Originally aimed at bikers who had returned to riding after a long absence, the revamped scheme is now being adjusted so that it can be useful for the more recently qualified biker too. It may also help newer bikers with their skills on two wheels as they make the transition to larger, more powerful machines.

The updated scheme begins with a one-hour ride so a trainer can determine a rider’s existing skill level, then includes a set of core modules to strengthen useful skills such as filtering, overtaking, defensive riding and navigating bends and corners. After that, the trainer and rider work on specific areas that they judge appropriate, such as how to adapt to carrying a passenger, or more advanced subjects like how to help after finding a road traffic accident.

The process to become a trainer for the scheme has also been simplified, and anyone over 21 who has held either a full licence or an A2 licence for at least three years can apply.

The DVSA’s Chief Driving Examiner, Mark Winn, said: “You’re never too experienced to learn more skills, and the DVSA enhanced rider scheme is all about helping make riding even more enjoyable. While experience and riding regularly help, there’s no substitute for the training, advice and tips you’ll get from an expert trainer.”

Find out more about the Enhanced Rider Scheme here.