Helmets off, helmets on? Have your say!


Published on 13 October 2014 by Gill

Helmets off when buying petrol is an old chestnut, but it irritates the socks of most of us when it happens. The message is often delivered in a blunt, tactless way over a poor public address system to a busy forecourt and supported by an increasingly absurd list of reasons why we should have to do this: “It’s the law…it’s for elf ‘n’ safety, mate…terrorism…” and the most extraordinary one that I ever heard: “the credit crunch.” 

So what’s to be done? What’s the real truth and who would know? I have made contact with Mr Phil Monger, who is the Technical Director of the Petrol Retailers Association, and I will be learning more about this in autumn. At this stage may I offer you the encouragement of knowing that Phil Monger is as frustrated as you or I at the endless local ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ that some create on this topic. I shall be presenting our case to the Petrol Retailers Association at a meeting around the time that you see this and I look forward to agreeing a balanced and sensible way forward for all of us.

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