John McGuinness emphasises importance of tyre condition

Published on 29 June 2018 by Robert Drane

As TyreSafe launches its new ‘Don’t Chance It, Change It’ campaign, motorcycling legend John McGuinness has described his thoughts on the importance of tyre condition.

“I give loads of consideration to the tyres that my bikes are equipped with because it’s so, so important. It’s the only bit that connects you to the road,” he explained.

“There’s absolutely no chance that I would repair a tyre. To be honest, it wouldn’t even enter my head. I didn’t even know that you can repair a bike tyre.”

Through the Don’t Chance It, Change It campaign, TyreSafe aims to spread the message that it’s safer to change your tyre rather than repair it. Despite the obvious message that tyres are the thing that keep you on the road, TyreSafe reports that Department for Transport figures demonstrate a very worrying statistic – that motorcycles are three times more likely to be involved in a tyre-related incident than a car.

Tyresafe suggests it’s a good idea to check your bike’s tyres once every week, focusing on the following three areas:

  • Inflation pressure
  • Condition
  • Tread

John McGuinness: “Check your tyres before you go out for a ride. There’s nothing wrong with having a look… you could have a foreign object in them, a screw, a big lump of glass, anything. You could be getting a slow puncture and it could take two or three days to go down, and you wouldn’t know, and you’d just jump on your bike and go…

“It’s a bit of common sense really. For your own safety, check them out!”

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