Why do you do it?

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Published on 23 July 2017 by Robert Drane

Peter Laidlaw, Membership Services Director, reveals his reasons for volunteering at many events to improve the image of motorcycling and the BMF.


When I am asked to help out with something, I usually say yes. It’s just who I am.

I first began volunteering for the BMF back in the 1980s – mostly in the North West Region and working with Fred Tolley, the Region’s chairman at the time. We were very proactive, visiting many local bike shows and gathering places.

Very soon, we started to visit larger shows and eventually ran a very successful membership stand at the Peterborough Motorcycle Show for a lot of years. That show still holds our record of recruiting more than 80 new members in just one weekend.

It was at a similarly large show, the Manchester show, that I had a first contact with someone from Adrian Flux. From there, the relationship between them and the BMF has grown into a successful partnership deal, producing BMF Insurance which is continuously drawing in new and younger members.


Something personal

However, recruiting new members is not necessarily the main goal of attending these events. Just the exposure of the BMF and its values to people is extremely important.

People need to recognise what the BMF does and how it works. Even when there are no members signed up from a stand there is some success, although not directly measurable at first.

Everyone we speak to is different, even though they are all part of the same wider motorcycling community. I am often approached by families interested in getting the younger members of their family on two wheels. Advice is frequently sought and given.


For a reason 

You may ask: why do I do it? Why do I regularly haul our events stand around the country in my van and box trailer? I am the sort of character who likes to be active and help others. It is great to see younger lads and lasses getting into biking, and the use of bikes seems to be on the increase.

I get a certain fulfilment knowing that I am moving things forward in my own way in this changing world, even though I am only a very small cog in the gearbox of life and biking.

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