6 facts about the health of motorcycle industry in 2015

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Published on 17 September 2015 by Gill

More motorbikes are being sold and more riders are passing their tests, suggesting the UK motorcycle industry is gathering some momentum in 2015.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has released year-to-date statistics up to the end of August, revealing similar signs to the trends found earlier in the year

However, this also includes somewhat of a slide in the uptake of mopeds with dropping sales evidence that younger generations may be turning away from two wheeled transport.

Headline facts from the latest set of figures include: 

  • Motorcycle sales up by 15.8% compared to the first eight months of 2014
  • Moped sales down 11.8%
  • Total registrations of PTWs up 13.2%
  • 34,600 test passes in the 2014/15 period, up by more than 4,000 on 2013/14
  • The naked category of motorbikes has seen sales increase by more than 30%
  • Touring bikes continue to struggle with sales down 12.9%

Whether the raw statistics reflect the feelings and impressions of riders on the ground will be interesting to see. Join the debate on Facebook to have your say – does the generally positive sales stats mean the industry is in good health?

Last year some 1.2 million motorcycles travelled 2.8 billion miles in the UK. Will this year see these totals surpassed?

More information can be found at the MCIA. Click here to see the full set of August 2015 statistics.