Ace Cafe Beijing celebrates successful opening

Ace Cafe Beijing 7

Published on 13 August 2015 by Gill

The Ace Cafe Beijing was ushered in as the all new, full-throttle motorcycle destination on Sunday 12 July 2015 in an exciting area known as the epicentre of the Chinese city’s burgeoning modern, metropolitan nightlife.

The undoubted highlight of the opening was the special guest ride-in from the Globebusters Ace London to Ace Beijing ‘Ultimate Burn Up’ expedition.

Led by Kevin Sanders riding a Triumph 1200cc Explorer, the 12,000-mile motorbike expedition left Ace Cafe London at 9am on Saturday 25 April 2015. It then travelled what must have been an unforgettable route across Europe and followed the ancient ‘Silk Road’ east, taking the riders through Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tibet, arriving 80 days later in Beijing for the ‘Grand Opening’.

In keeping with the Ace heritage and tradition, the new Ace Beijing will be a home and destination for all who share a passion for speed, cars, bikes, thrills and rock n roll. The newly built venue is cutting edge with cool, clear lines and incorporates lots of metal and modern materials. It is located in the heart of the 1950s built Dashanz District of Beijing, which was formerly an industrial area, with unique Bauhaus-style industrial architecture. Today the location is known as Train Square and a massive historic steam locomotive is displayed outside.

Since the original Ace Cafe re-opened in 2001, the family has grown and Beijing is the latest branch to open, with others in Japan, the USA, Finland and Germany.

Ace Cafe London MD, Mark Wilsmore said: “It came about when Jiang and Yulun Yu - petrolheads from Beijing - visited the cafe. Following many more visits and a lot of dialogue we looked at sites and decided upon the former industrial Dashanz District. With its buildings dating from the 1950s it was spot on. We even got to include part of a historic railway with an enormous - now stationary - steam locomotive as part of the fixtures and fittings!

“Having only seen photographs of the site and building prior to the official grand opening (which took place on Sunday July 12), it was my first visit to China.

“The Ace Cafe Beijing grand opening included the arrival of the ‘Globebusters Ace London to Ace Beijing’ expedition. All those who made the trip received a rapturous and enthusiastic welcome from the crowds gathered at the Ace, many of whom were also riders. There was an array of machines in the cafe’s car park ranging from Ducatis, Triumphs and BMWs to Harleys, Hondas and other marques, together with home-built cafe racers based on ‘Shineray’, a Chinese produced motorbike.

“The common interest of being able to share and enjoy a passion is something very special and it transcends nations, continents and borders. It was my privilege to be present and I trust that I may look forward to visiting again.”