Ace Cafe to open in Beijing after 12000-mile motorbike ride from London

Ace Cafe

Published on 7 July 2015 by Gill

Ace Cafe Beijing will open its doors on Sunday July 12 to welcome an expedition from Ace Cafe London that has been on the road to China for three months.

Led by Kevin Sanders riding a Triumph 1200cc Explorer, the 12,000-mile motorbike expedition left London at 9am on Saturday April 25, travelling across Europe and following the ancient Silk Road through Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tibet, arriving 80 days later in Beijing for the grand opening.

Ace Beijing is now one of six global locations, joining cafes in the UK, Japan, the USA, Finland and Germany. 

In keeping with the Ace heritage and tradition of being a home and destination for all who share a passion for speed, thrills and rock n’ roll, and with a massive historic steam locomotive displayed outside, the newly-built Ace Cafe is located in the heart of the 1950’s built Dashanz District of Beijing, formerly an industrial area, with its unique Bauhaus style of industrial architecture.

Ace Cafe’s history dates back to London 1938, when a roadside cafe was built to cater for hauliers before turning its attention to motorcycles and cars. Having closed in 1969 a passionate campaign in the 1990s saw it reopen in 2001, and since then it has grown across the world.

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