Biaggi announces new electric record attempt

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Published on 8 April 2019 by Mike Waters

The Italian superbike champion and MotoGP star Max Biaggi has announced that he will attempt to break the electric motorcycle speed record again.

Backed by the Italian electric vehicle heavyweight Venturi and its French/Monegasque motorcycle brand Voxan, the attempt will see the legendary ‘Corsair’ ride a Voxan Wattman on Bolivia’s world-famous Uyuni salt flats in 2020.

Biaggi previously set the electric motorcycle speed record back in 1994 on a Fazi Egraf, reaching 164.198kmh, while the current record of 327.608kph was set in 2013 by Jim Hoogerhyde on a Lightning SB220. In this new attempt, Biaggi and the team intend to both set a new record and exceed 330kmh on an electric motorcycle for the first time.

Commenting, Biaggi said: “I’ve always loved a challenge. When my friend Gildo Pastor came to me with his plan for the world land speed record and the Voxan Wattman, I was obviously going to say yes… The engineers and designers from the R&D department are driven by an extremely motivating sense of determination.”

Picture credit: motoracereports