Calls for introduction of ‘alcolocks’

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Published on 26 March 2021 by Mike Waters

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A new report by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has included calls for the government to allow the courts to order the use of so-called ‘alcolocks’ by people convicted of drink-driving. 

A contraction of ‘alcohol interlocks’, alcolocks use a breath sample to determine the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood. If the alcohol level is above a pre-determined threshold, the alcolock will prevent the vehicle from starting. 

statement by PACTS explained: “Drink-driving reoffending is a major problem in the UK. Since 2010, over 100,000 drink-driving offences have been committed by someone with a previous drink- or drug-driving offence on their DVLA record. As these are only the cases that have gone before the courts, it seems inevitable that the true level of drink-driving (recidivism) by such people is far higher.  

“If alcohol interlock programmes include rehabilitation measures, such as courses similar to the UK drink-drive rehabilitation course, they reduce reoffending when fitted and after removal.” 
Commenting, PACTS Executive Director David Davies said: “We were shocked to find that one in six drink-driving offences is committed by someone previously convicted. Since 2010, this amounts to over 100,000 offences – each of which is highly dangerous for the driver and other road users. Clearly, the current system is not adequate. 
“A number of other countries have introduced alcohol interlocks to prevent repeat drink-driving and to bring down the number of deaths and injuries that result. Alcohol interlocks have proved highly effective. PACTS is calling on the government to give UK courts the powers to impose them without delay. 
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