COVID-19: More commuters switch to bikes

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Published on 15 October 2020 by Mike Waters

New statistics from an online parking service have shed new light on the ongoing shift away from public transport due to COVID-19. 

The website, which manages 65,000 parking spaces in the United Kingdom, has seen a 46% drop in bookings for parking spaces near train stations since February while demand for spaces in city centres has gone up by an average of 19% – a strong indicator of changing commuter travel patterns. In London, bookings near offices were up by 28%. 

This reinforces the trend that industry observers have spotted in recent sales and registration data released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), as the BMF has previously reported. The last four months have all seen significant growth in sales and registrations as more people make the switch from public transport to powered two-wheeler, and this data on parking demonstrates that changing habits in the commuter market are a major part of the trend.   

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