Do you want eyes in the back of your head?


Published on 27 August 2015 by Gill

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While technological advanced usually make their way the motorcycle market, it can’t be denied that cars get more choice, and sooner. Some of this is of course due to market size as well as the logistics of helmets and holding the handlebars!

But one rider has come up with a solution specifically for motorcyclists – The Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet: a new, safer and more exciting way to keep your two wheels on the road.

The 180° Blind Spot Camera no longer limits you to the thin slice of reality of which side-view mirrors show, but full visual access to everyone and everything. The camera is high definition, really allowing you to see any crystal-clear landscape you may have missed (as well as being able to see the registration of any vehicle that threatens your safety).

A transparent HUD on the visor projects a display that will almost feel like it is following you along the road, giving the rider a true sense of limitless freedom. As well as allowing you to see the road behind, the screen will inform you of any calls being made to your mobile phone, your speed and any song that is being played.

The helmet its self offers a quick release chin strap and a visor that is fog, scratch and glare resistant, and is certified by the Motorcycle Helmet Standards.

It is lightweight, aerodynamic and comes with a series of interchangeable padding inserts to make sure that it really is the best fit – all of this leading to the final goal of an ultimate and truly amazing rider experience.

            “Preventing accidents and making driving easier for motorcyclists” – Yahoo! Tech

            “This is the coolest motorcycle helmet ever.” – TechCrunch

            “Why should cars have all the fun?” – Fast Company

            “…save lives, to make our daily existence a little bit easier.” - CNN