Government launches campaign to combat tailgating

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Published on 4 October 2018 by Matt Colley

A new campaign from Highways England aims to dissuade tailgaters and improve safety for road users.

The campaign advises: “Don’t be a Space Invader – stay safe, stay back.”

The initiative invokes the popular arcade game to alert motorists to the dangers of invading another’s space on the road. Driving too close reduces the chances of avoiding a collision in an emergency and increases the chances of causing one.

Recent research demonstrates that people who drive too close to the vehicle in front are responsible for one in eight road casualties.

Tailgating is often associated with intentionally aggressive, anti-social driving. However, the safety campaign draws attention to the fact that most tailgating is unintentional.

The campaign reminds road users of the Highway Code which states that all motorists and motorcyclists should allow for a two-second gap between vehicles at the very minimum and twice that on wet roads.

Head of Road Safety at Highways England Richard Leonard said: “If you get too close to the car in front, you won’t be able to react and stop in time if they suddenly brake. Tailgating makes the driver in front feel targeted and victimised, distracting their attention from the road ahead and making them more likely to make a mistake.”

The campaign is also backed by former Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell.

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