Met Police test-drive hydrogen scooters

Suzuki Burgman hydrogen

Published on 11 September 2017 by Robert Drane

On September 4, the Metropolitan Police began an 18-month trial with seven Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell hydrogen scooters.

The vehicles will be used by Police Community Support Officers to asses the scooters’ suitability for policing. Meanwhile, operational data will be used for Suzuki to further develop its zero-emission vehicles.

The trial will perhaps path a way to the Metropolitan Police’s approach to using cleaner vehicles, inline with London’s proposed stricter emissions restrictions.

Commander Neil Jerome, for Territorial Policing, said: “Being the UK’s largest police service we constantly have vehicles on the roads and therefore it is our aim to make our fleet as clean as we can, whilst maintaining operational capability.

“Through collaborative partnerships and innovative testing such as this, we can gain real-life experience of how we can progress our ambition and create a cleaner fleet that will benefit London and the service we provide.”

The scooters – which are not yet commercially available – have a range of about 120km before needing to be refuelled. The police will be refuelling at a private, mobile refuelling station which can be moved to different locations. This will allow them to deploy the scooters long-term in various locations.

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Suzuki Burgman hydrogen speedo