Motorcycles exempt from Bath Clean Air Zone

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Published on 21 January 2020 by Mike Waters

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Plans for a new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) that have a clear exemption for motorcycles have been submitted to the government for approval by Bath Council.

Legally required to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) emissions in the city centre due to the risk it poses for those with asthma or heart and lung conditions, the city’s BathBreathes2021 initiative has sought to bring in a CAZ that would charge “most higher-emission” vehicles to enter as of late 2020.

The proposals would see significant charges for vehicles that do not meet the emissions standards. HGVs, coaches and buses would pay £100 per day to enter the CAZ, while taxis and vans would pay £9 per day.

However, in a victory for bikers, a statement on the Bath and North East Somerset Council website has confirmed that motorcycles would be exempt from charges. Private cars will also not be affected, and strong public opposition to the inclusion of private vehicles in the CAZ on economic grounds appears to have been a decisive factor in the Council’s decision. 

Commenting, Councillor Dine Romero said: “A great deal of work has gone in to getting to this point, and I want to thank everyone who took part in our consultations and had their say. This has been a complex process and I’m pleased that the final business case, going before government, strikes a balance for the city, its residents and businesses. This is of course the first step in our ambition to make Bath cleaner and greener for everyone.”

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