Motorcycles, noise and the COVID-19 pandemic

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Published on 26 May 2020 by Mike Waters

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A statement by the BMF

The BMF have received complaints from members of the public from all over the country.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of our fellow citizens are at home, either working or involuntarily idle. If they can, they are taking advantage of the perfect weather in the open air.

Motorcyclists are also taking advantage of the easing of the lockdown and the same weather to blow away a winter pandemic’s worth of cobwebs.

The BMF strongly request that their members respect the rights of their fellow citizens to some peace and quiet.

Only ride bikes with OEM exhausts or service replacements that meet the same noise standards.

Do not tamper with intake systems in such a way as to increase intake noise.

Do not, especially, use elevated RPM levels in residential areas.

If members of the BMF feel unable to comply with this request, perhaps they should reconsider their membership.

Any rider who triggers a noise camera, and the anger of the public, you brought it upon yourself.