New ‘Go left’ safety campaign launched

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Published on 11 March 2021 by Mike Waters

Highways England has launched a new safety campaign to help people who experience mechanical difficulties on motorways or A-roads.  

In what Highways England says is its biggest-ever campaign, the new ‘Go left’ public information drive is intended to help people who break down on a motorway or A-road know how to get to safety.  

Approximately 600 road journeys per day involve a breakdown, and a statement by Highways England noted that: “In 2019, there were almost 230,000 reported breakdowns across the Highways England network including around 207,500 on motorways. In the 12 months from June 2019, around 40,000 breakdowns were recorded as being due to tyre issues while more than 6,000 incidents were a result of vehicles running out of fuel.” 

Commenting, Acting Chief Executive of Highways England Nick Harris said: “No one plans to break down on a motorway but, if the unexpected happens, then I want all motorists to know what to do so that they can keep themselves and others safe. Everyone wants a safe journey and raising awareness is a vital part of helping to make sure that happens.” 

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