One in five Scottish road deaths is a biker

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Published on 12 July 2019 by Mike Waters

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Road safety campaigners in Scotland have expressed concern at new statistics which found that 20% of fatal accidents in 2018 involved a biker despite motorcyclists constituting less than one per cent of all Scottish road users.

The official statistics, which were compiled by Transport Scotland, also found that both fatalities and serious injuries involving motorcycles on Scottish roads rose last year.

One third of all biker-involved accidents in Scotland occurred on a left-hand bend and the 40-49 age group accounted for the most fatalities and serious injuries.

However, efforts to tackle this state of affairs are already underway. Road Safety Scotland has, with the support of Police Scotland, launched a new film – The Devil’s Beeftub – as part of the Life Fast, Die Old campaign aiming to promote improved safety on the country’s roads for bikers.

The Live Fast, Die Old campaign website can be found here.

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