Save our green lanes: TRF smashes £10000 target to take Hexham Lane closure to court


Published on 1 September 2015 by Gill

The Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) is on a mission to save Hexham Lane, an important green road in CountyDurham, raising enough money to take the case to court in a bid to have it reopened.

Green lanes in the Great British countryside are quite literally the threads that have woven the landscape together. These byways go back hundreds of years to when we would first create these tracks to connect towns to villages to markets and any other area that involved public access.

Their more recent uses have been for the continued enjoyment of motorists, especially those on motorcycles. They have been around for as long as there is someone to ride on that path; however, there have been many cases where these small tracks have been closed to the public.

Earlier this year, centred about Hexham Lane in the North on England, the Durham County Council promptly shut down the road to the public.

The TRF set up the ‘Save Hexham Lane Crowd Funding’; the purpose of such is to try and gain the support from those who are a part of this community, and those who are just hearing of it, to reach the goal of £10,000 to correct the costs for the case.

Thanks to the generosity of the public, they have smashed their goal, raising so far a fantastic £14,730, meaning the TRF will now be able to take the case to the courts.

However, we can’t let anymore of these fantastic roads get shut down. Everyone needs a place where they can just pull down the throttle and ride.

The full Hexham Lane story can be found here: