Triumph Land Speed Record attempt on hold while Guy Martin recovers from crash

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Published on 17 August 2015 by Gill

In the light of Guy Martin’s crash at the Ulster Grand Prix earlier this August, the Triumph Land Speed Record team has confirmed its decision to postpone the planned attempt until 2016 to allow for the Lincolnshire racer to fully recover and remain in peak physical condition in the lead up to the record run.

Triumph, the largest British motorcycle manufacturer, has released the following statement: “We’re obviously concerned with the news that Guy has sustained injuries as a result of his crash in last week’s Dundrod 150 race. While in true form, Guy signed himself out of hospital this week, we all feel that given his injuries it won’t be possible to complete the required testing prior to attempting to take the record this year.

“Guy is a unique talent and having such a pilot for our Rocket motorcycle is absolutely central to our attempt. We wish him a full and speedy recovery and will confirm a 2016 bid as soon as we can.”

The 33-year-old was left with fractures in his vertebrae, sternum and a number of ribs as a result of the shocking crash that happened at the 150 superbike race at the Dundrod circuit.

However, despite the severity of the accident, Guy appears to be in a good manner of health, as well as reminding us all that he is grateful for the back-up and encouragement received from his fellow racers and fans, Tweeting: I’m on the mend – a few upgrades to me hand and back but feeling right enough. All part of the job. Thanks very much for the support as always.

We’re all looking forward to seeing him attempt the Land Speed Record next year.