Truck platooning study unveiled

BMF truck platoon2

Published on 24 September 2018 by Matt Colley

A study on the feasibility of trialing truck platooning technology on the UK’s roads has been released.

The study, which was commissioned by the Department for Transport, was intended to determine whether an initial road trial could be done safely and to assess the general practicality of the technology.

Truck platooning refers to state-of-the-art driving support systems that help one or more vehicles closely follow another. They form a ‘platoon’ which communicates with each other and acts in unison.

Advocates argue that platooning could improve traffic safety because there is less reaction time during braking and increased traffic flow improves journey times. However, the technology remains new and not all testing has taken place in real-world conditions.

Funding has been approved for a UK trial of truck platooning, and the advisory board for the project had their inaugural meeting on September 10. Motorcycle users will be represented on the Board by Anna Zee of the BMF.

BMF members are welcome to get in touch with Anna Zee to share their views on what this trial means for motorcycle users.

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