Views sought on bikes using bus lanes

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Published on 18 March 2021 by Mike Waters

A call has been made for the public’s views on a proposal to allow motorcyclists to use bus lanes on the A65 in Leeds over a 12-month trial. 

Explaining the intentions behind the proposal, a statement by  Councillor Hannah Blithell noted that the city is attempting to achieve net zero carbon status by 2030 and that motorcyclists make up a greatly disproportionate number of the people who are killed or seriously injured on the city’s roads.  

Councillor Blithell said: “This is particularly acute for younger motorcyclists - for instance, 16-year-olds who are restricted to riding 50cc mopeds limited to a maximum of 28mph. Allowing such particularly vulnerable road users to safely avoid mixing with often very busy general traffic in Kirkstall and without negatively impacting on other road users is a primary aim of the trial. 

Reducing the carbon and congestion impact of single occupancy cars is critical. By encouraging motorcycles which emit less than half the carbon of private cars, we can improve air quality, fight climate change and reduce congestion. 

Those who wish to offer their views on this proposal are invited to contact Councillor Blithell at 

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