10% discount on Alpine motorcycle filter earplugs!

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Published on 13 May 2019 by Mike Waters

It goes without saying that you want to enjoy a relaxed ride when you’re on your bike. However, the enormous volume of wind noise under your helmet can cause tiredness and even a (permanent!) ringing in the ears within minutes.

BMF Corporate Member Alpine Hearing Protection’s range of MotoSafe earplugs with special filters offers a solution. The earplugs attenuate harmful and tiring noises, while traffic, your motorcycle and communication system remain perfectly audible. Their special model and soft material make sure the earplugs feel super comfortable under your helmet, even during long rides.

Order now at alpinehearingprotection.co.uk/motorcycle and get a 10% discount with promo code ALPINEBMF19! (Offer valid until 30 June 2019)


Picture credit: Joshua Humphrey on Unsplash