3D printed bike parts available to download


Published on 12 May 2016 by Emily Crick

If you’re looking for aftermarket parts, the usual places to search probably include checking through catalogues, talking to a dealer or going online to take your chances with eBay. But what about downloading and creating your own parts with a 3D printer?

New Zealand company ETT Industries has released a range of 3D printable aftermarket parts including mudguards, cable clips and iPhone mounts for its own Raker electric scooter and Trayser ebike ranges that are available to download and print. Many are completely free of charge and, if you don’t own a 3D printer yourself, they’re in standard formats that can be handed over to professional 3D printers such as Shapeways and then dispatched to you. You need never have to be annoyed by that crucial part being out of stock ever again.

Owner and founder of ETT Industries Jay Wen said: "When customers buy our bikes, we want them to feel they are buying into our vision, but also that they are able to inject their own personality into them. Both models are completely raw and we love them that way, but we also know people will like to make them their own. Offering a load of customisable 3D printed accessories is our way of helping them achieve this."

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For more about ETT and to see the range of 3D printable parts, visit their website.