£93 million funding boost for local road ‘pinch points’

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Published on 28 February 2020 by Mike Waters

A £93 million funding boost dedicated to repairing and refurbishing local roads across England has been announced by the Department for Transport.

Speaking today (February 28), Roads Minister Baroness Vere confirmed that the money will be split between 32 local authorities for repairs, infrastructure upgrades and tackling congestion.

The BMF has covered the state of the country’s roads and attempts to improve them extensively, and they are recurring matter of concern for other campaigning groups, the nation’s road users and the entire transport industry. A report by the Asphalt Industry Alliance found major differences between the highways maintenance budgets of local authorities that amount to a postcode lottery, while Kwik Fit found that 11 million road users were affected by potholes in 2018 at a total cost of £1.2 billion.

Commenting, Baroness Vere said: “There is nothing more frustrating than a journey delayed by poor road conditions, and this multi-million pound boost will help improve connectivity across the country. This investment will not only help local areas to target current pinch points on their roads, but will also harness our world-leading research and innovation capabilities to future proof the next generation of journeys.”

A full list of the projects which will receive funding can be found here.

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