A smart solution to road safety?

motorway traffic lights

Published on 6 February 2018 by Robert Drane

One of the busiest motorway junctions in England – Switch Island in Merseyside – is being used as part of an experiment by Highways England into intelligent road studs.

A network of approximately 170 LED studs is being installed and will be linked up to nearby traffic lights by cables under the road. When the lights turn green, so will the LEDs – giving road users a clear indication of which lane they need to be in and hopefully helping to reduce drifting between lanes. Unlike traditional unpowered ‘Cat’s Eye’ reflectors, the powered LEDs will also be visible from up to a kilometre away at night.

The installation is expected to take approximately a year to complete and is being funded through the government’s £220 million programme to relieve congestion.

The intelligent road studs are manufactured by an Oxfordshire-based company Clearview Intelligence. Commenting, Managing Director Nick Lanigan said: “The new studs have been proven to reduce lane transgression by over 50% in certain conditions, so it’s a great way to help improve the safety for all road users.”

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