Airbag jackets to become more popular

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Published on 18 July 2016 by Robert Drane

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New research from market research store Research and Markets predicts a global growth in the market for airbag jackets.

The Manufacturer report that the market will increase by 5% by 2020, particularly due to “the growing pool of high-performance motorcyclists”.

Airbag jackets inflate when riders crash by using sensors located on either the bike or within the clothing itself. The airbags cushion impact and are designed to protect vital organs and other delicate areas of the body.

Speaking to the BBC in 2009, Dr Andy Parfitt said: "A majority of deaths in motorcycle accidents are due to injuries to these vital organs that should be protected by these jackets."

Despite the first airbag jacket being invented in 1976 by Tamás Straub in Hungary, they have only started to become popular in recent years. While this trend looks set to continue, The Manufacturer note that the high cost of airbag jackets is “still a hindrance to market growth”.

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