BigRep unveils 3D printed electric motorbike

NERA E Motorcycle Signature Image

Published on 7 December 2018 by Charlie Bliss

A fully functional electric motorbike has been manufactured by Germany company BigRep using 3D printing technology.

All components of the Nera motorbike except for the electrical elements are 3D printed, including the frame, fork, rims, seat and tyres.

Innovations include airless tyres, forkless steering and flexible bumpers in place of suspension. In total, the bike features 15 different 3D printed parts and weighs 60kg excluding electric components, such as the motor and battery.

BigRep are a major manufacturer of 3D printers based in Berlin. The prototype model was designed by Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak to demonstrate the prowess of BigRep’s innovation lab, NOWlab, and will not be released for commercial sale. In creating the e-motorbike, the designers at NOWlab produced a model for large-scale Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printing.

NOWlab co-founder and Managing Director Daniel Büning said: "Nera illustrates the massive benefits that 3D printing offers for the production of end-use parts. The Nera combines several innovations developed by NOWlab, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology. This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it."

The e-bike is powered by an electric engine fitted into a printed customisable case.

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Picture credit: BigRep GmbH