Bike sales down again

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Published on 9 June 2020 by Mike Waters

New statistics released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have confirmed that sales and registrations were down again last month.  

In a year-on-year comparison with May 2019, motorcycle sales and registrations were down by 51.9%. Every listed category saw double-digit falls, with Adventure Sport and Touring machines seeing the worst declines at 63.9% and 63.7% respectively. The Unspecified category was completely wiped out.  

However, the fall in sales and registrations does not seem to have affected scooters and mopeds as severely. In this case, the total decline was only 23.7% compared to the same period last year.  

This news comes on top of another major drop of 83.5% in April and appears to be in line with forecasts of major disruption during Q2 of this year by industry observers. 

However, with sales outlets for powered two-wheelers and accessories in England now being able to reopenit is possible that this decline may be slowed or even reversed during June.  

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