Bike sales recovery builds momentum

glenn innes gCZOGbKQg4o unsplash

Published on 7 June 2021 by Mike Waters

The long-awaited recovery in motorcycle sales and registrations as the COVID-19 lockdown lifts continued last month. 

New statistics released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIAonce again found major year-on-year growth in sales and registrations, with 148.8% growth in May when compared to the same period last year 

Every category of machine either saw growth or held its ground, with Adventure Sport machines (242%), Touring machines (141.6%) and scooters (97.2%) being noteworthy success stories. This accounted for a grand total of 13,398 machines. 

Commenting, the MCIA’s CEO Tony Campbell said: “We forecast a positive summer for the sale of PTWs (Powered Two-Wheelers) and associated products as restrictions ease and the backlog of those awaiting CBT and testing reduces. As life returns to normal and people return to their leisure pursuits, we’ll be ensuring our close links with the government consider PTWs at every opportunity”. 

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Picture credit: Glenn Innes