Bike trial success for gas emergency team

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Published on 23 May 2019 by Mike Waters

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A gas emergency response team in Manchester has seen its response rate improve dramatically by switching to motorcycles.

The gas emergency service provided by Cadent responds to potentially life-endangering gas escapes where time is of the essence, but Manchester’s traffic – especially at peak hours when congestion is at its worst – can frustrate this.

A trial which saw some engineers leave their normal vans behind in favour of BMW R1200RTs has found that their response times improved by up to 50%. As a result of this success, two bikes will be permanently added to the company’s North West fleet.

Michael Jennison, Cadent emergency supervisor and bike team leader, said: “We’re really happy with the success so far. It’s proven its worth in terms of saving travel times and maintaining standards of service, but primarily safeguarding our customers’ lives and property.

“We’ve also been granted special dispensation from Manchester City Council to use bus lanes when we are responding to emergencies, which is enormously helpful.”

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Picture credit: Cadent