BMF AGM 2014: “It feels like a new beginning for the BMF”


Published on 13 October 2014 by Gill

The BMF AGM took place at Hamilton House, Rugby on Saturday October 11. Over 40 people turned out from BMF Management Team, staff, club representatives and individuals.

A notable highlight was new Government Relations Executive, Graeme Hay’s great presentation on a variety of issues facing motorcyclists: from self-driving cars and lorry cab visibility to road dressing and Jet-Patching.
Graeme commented: “These issues may not be the rock’n’roll of protest rides about helmet laws, but they can be the difference between life and death.
“There is no doubt that the technical and legislative changes faced by motorcyclists are today greater than ever. Equally, there is no doubt that the BMF has become completely re-energised. The BMF has transformed into a financially sustainable organisation more informed, better connected and more capable of representing riders views in all of the places that really matter.”

BMF Chairmain Roger Ellis commented:
“As Chairman of the BMF can I thank all of you that attended our AGM yesterday. It was inspiring to see so many of you contributing to this excellent meeting.
“It was clear from the comments and contributions that you all are supporting the work that your Management Team and staff are doing to keep the BMF as the leading Riders Rights organisation in the UK.
“It feels like a new beginning for the BMF. 2014 has not been without issues – from staffing to the BMF Shows, but with Graeme’s appointment and early work, and the positive reaction to proposed changes in the BMF Show format, we look forward to 2015.
“AGMs can sometimes fall foul of personal agendas, but the BMF 2015 AGM was a flurry of positivity and camaraderie. The motorcycle lobby feels strong and unified, and we will be seizing this positivity and momentum – putting it to good use in the years to come.
“It was so good to hear the presentations from Graeme Hay and James Gill on the lobbying work and promotional ideas from them; it was also good to see members volunteering to help with some of the tasks that the BMF need to do to continue to expand. However it was the comments of delegates that really showed the support for the work that both I and the team here at the BMF are doing on behalf of all riders in the UK.
“Once again, thanks for attending and participating and yes thanks for voting me in again for another 12 months.”

Roger Ellis,
BMF Chairman

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Watch this space for more details - including the minutes - of the AGM.