BMF condemns Reckless Ryders

Published on 1 November 2016 by Robert Drane

Following recent events, the BMF chair Jim Freeman has put out the following statement:

"The BMF have become aware of the activities of a gang calling themselves “Reckless Ryders” in a number of cities in England, including Birmingham. They have been referred to as “bikers” and “motorcyclists”; they are not.

"Bikers and motorcyclists, such as those in the BMF, ride road legal bikes which are registered, insured, taxed and tested as appropriate. They wear appropriate, legal clothing and are in possession of appropriate licenses for the bikes they ride. When riding, they obey traffic regulations.

"None of the above applies to the “Reckless Ryders”, who were apparently riding unregistered, off-road vehicles – many of which were stolen. The BMF utterly condemns their behaviour and supports whatever measures the police have taken to protect the public from people masquerading as “bikers” and “motorcyclists”."