BMF Council Meeting: Report


Published on 28 January 2019 by Charlie Bliss

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The BMF Council met on Saturday 26 January in Leicester to discuss a strategy plan for 2019.

The BMF's Management Team reported on recent lobbying, event planning and finances. As usual, the Council engaged in in-depth discussions about the BMF's future plans and policies directed towards our mission of fighting for rider's interests both nationally and internationally.

BMF Chairman Jim Freeman said: “The democratic accountability of the Management Team to the Council is one of the great strengths of the BMF. It keeps us firmly grounded with feedback from individual members and club delegates, elected via the regions and the National and One Make Clubs’ forum. As an elected councillor myself, I'm fully aware of the importance of taking us all forward together.”

The meeting was hosted by the Fosse Riders at their clubhouse.

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