BMF launches hoverbike membership category

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Published on 1 April 2021 by Mike Waters

The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) is launching a new membership category for so-called hoverbikes.

After the country’s aviation authorities declined to assert jurisdiction over hoverbikes and politely insisted that they had more than enough to deal with already, the ‘Powered surface-optional vehicle’ membership category has been developed to help align the interests of hoverbike owners and riders with those of more conventional powered two-wheelers (PTWs).

Although there may initially seem to be a significant gap between hoverbikes and PTWs, there are a number of points in common on closer inspection. Both rely on the skill, balance and judgement of the operator to use correctly, the riding stance is virtually identical and a full-face helmet is required both for safety reasons and to help prevent inconvenient high-speed insect impacts at the wrong moment.

The new membership category will begin accepting applications from April 31st onwards and the membership fee will remain the same in the interest of fairness. The working group that examined the matter concluded that bringing in a pay-by-the-wheel discount would set an unfortunate precedent that might lead to calls for sidecar and trike owners to be charged 50% more as well.

Commenting, Olaf Priol (Region 11) said: “The paperwork’s been a real headache for this one, but we had a fantastic time with the prototype. No need to ever worry about slipping on a patch of mud again! That said, we did run into a bit of a persistent hiccup in testing and all sorts of strange things started to happen whenever we got it to exactly 88mph. Long story. That McFly lad and Dr Brown got it all sorted out in the end, though. What’s that? Oh. Yes, not that we’ve been speeding, of course. Honestly, officer.”

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Picture credit: "BMW Hover Ride" by Brickset (licensed under CC BY 2.0)