BMF makes boy's day at Berwick Goldwing Light Parade

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Published on 22 October 2015 by Gill

BMF attended the Berwick on Tweed Goldwing Light Parade run by the Goldwing Misfits a few weeks ago, generating strong interest in our work and even turning a young boy’s sadness into elation as he rode in our KTM’s pillion.  

DSC 0197It was a brilliant event even though it was small enough to fit in a car park. There was something going on all day including live music, trade, and the Goldwing bikes trikes and trailers.

The parade was spectacular, the whole thing going over one road bridge and then back over the other over the river Tweed at its widest point.

We had a well-attended BMF stand there and there was an enormous amount of interest, notably from families and young people with the ‘Firstbike’ magazines proving particularly popular with the visitors.

One of the families we were talking with had a very keen young lad who we thought was deserving of a ride in the parade, and as it happened we had our KTM on display.

Janet said that if he could find a helmet to borrow he could have a go as pillion. Well, as time drew to near the parade setting off young Ewan came back upset – his dad got the blame for not being able to find a helmet.

Not all was lost however. You could see the lad’s face light up when Janet said she had made arrangements just in case, finding him a helmet. He went on to have a brilliant time in the parade and went home more than happy.

Recently we received this letter from Ewan and his mum, thanking us for making his day. 

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