BMF to launch new unicycle membership category

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Published on 1 April 2020 by Mike Waters

Responding to popular demand, the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) has announced that it will launch a new membership category dedicated to motorised unicycles. 

After a working group with a dictionary determined that there was nothing to actually disqualify a unicycle with a motor from counting as a motorcycle too, jubilant volunteers from the long-running campaign to expand the membership declared victory and vowed, somewhat unsteadily, to never use a two-wheeled vehicle ever again 

The new ‘Motorised unicycle/Monocycle/Lunatic’s wheel’ membership category will be accepting applications from April 31st onwardsHowever, following advice from the BMF's insurers, the category will not include rocket-powered unicycles after the ACME Corporation’s widely discussed prototype was deemed completely unsuitable for road use and confiscated for the good of public safety. 

BMF spokesman Olaf Priol (Region 11) said: “It makes sense when you think about it. A biker’s a biker when’s all’s said and done, so we say it’s a perfect case of the more, the merrier. Not sure you’ll ever catch me on one, mind. Not after last time. I mean, I admit I should have known better than to test one indoors, but it was a stupid place to put a table and that crockery was hideous anywayWait, don’t write that down!” 

More information and details on how to apply can be found here. 

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