Britain’s slowest motorways revealed

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Published on 18 August 2020 by Mike Waters

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New research conducted by has found the slowest sections of motorways in the UK. 

The researchwhich examined the Department for Transport’s own Road Congestion Statistics, found that the Dartford Crossing northbound near Littlebrook was the slowest section of motorway in the country with an average speed of just 24.6mphThe nearby Dartford Crossing northbound between Princes Road and Littlebrook came in second and only saw a marginally better 25.1mph average speed. 

Unsurprisingly, 11 of the 50 slowest sections of the country’s motorways were on the M25. However, two sections of the M67 Westbound in Tameside also got two adjacent spots in the top 10 in third and fourth place respectively. 

When ranked by local authority, Hounslow was found to have the slowest motorways in the country, with an average speed of only 39.3mph. This was slightly ahead of Sandwell with 40.4mph, while Coventry on 48mph exactly completed the top three.  

You can find out if your local area achieved the dubious honour of having some of the country’s slowest motorways here 

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