Concern grows over state of local roads

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Published on 14 December 2020 by Mike Waters

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A new survey conducted by the RAC has found widespread concern over the state of local roads, with a majority believing that they’re getting worse.  

The survey, which contacted 3,068 people, found that 38% expressed concern over “the condition and maintenance of local roads”  an increase of 5% from 2019 – with potholes getting the blame from 97% of respondents.   

There was little optimism to be found, with 52% saying conditions had worsened over the past year and only 6% saying they had improved. Problems with sign visibility, litter and poor maintenance of grass and foliage were all believed to have got worse too. 

In addition to concern over the condition of the country’s roads, the survey also found widespread discomfort over mobile phone use (32%), the poor standard of driving (27%) and aggressive behaviour (26%). 

RAC Head of Roads Policy Nicholas Lyes said: “These findings are a big concern given that last year’s relatively mild winter should not, in normal circumstances, have led to a further decline in road surface quality.... This also calls into question just how much progress has actually been made in fixing the 11 million ‘nuisance’ potholes cited by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP in May.”  

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