Concern over ULEZ impact on bikers

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Published on 30 May 2019 by Mike Waters

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Concerns have been raised over the impact that the new Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London is having on the least wealthy of London’s 55,000 motorcyclists.

Insurers Carole Nash have estimated that a biker who travels into the ULEZ five days a week – a normal schedule for a commuter or delivery rider – on a machine that doesn’t meet the emissions standards and so incurs the full charge of £12.50 per day could spend £3,250 per year just on entering the ULEZ. They estimate that their own customers will shell out £9.27 million over the next year for this reason.

As the BMF has previously reported, the introduction of the ULEZ has been sharply criticised for the impact it has on owners of pre-2007 motorcycles that don’t meet the emissions standards despite their machines still being more efficient and less likely to cause congestion than most cars. Such owners also tend to be less wealthy and are therefore less likely to be able to afford £3,250 per year just to travel into the capital without serious hardship.

Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash, said: “While we understand the aim of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, there is no hiding the fact that it is punishing those with older bikes, many of whom cannot afford to upgrade to a newer model. We would recommend that Transport for London seeks alternative and more positive ways to reduce pollution, perhaps by providing financial assistance or incentives to get a new bike.”

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