Concrete roads upgrade programme launched

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Published on 30 March 2021 by Mike Waters

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Highways England has launched a new programme to upgrade ageing concrete road surfaces on motorways and A-roads.  

The country’s road network includes approximately 400 miles of concrete surfaces that were mostly constructed during the 1960s and 1970s. Although these roads were designed for long service lives, the amount of traffic on the roads has doubled since that time and decades of natural wear and tear has prompted the need for repairs and upgrades.  

A statement by Highways England confirmed that two contracts worth £285 million have been signed and up to £400 million in total will be dedicated to the initiative by 2025. The statement noted that: “The project will make sure that concrete roads are safer, quieter and easier to maintain for the future. 

Highways England Regional Director Martin Fellows said: “Concrete roads have served the country well since they were first built half a century ago. They have proved tough and durable over the years, helping every day for work journeys and home deliveries, visits to friends and family, holidays, and the movement of the goods and services that we all depend on. This is the biggest concrete road renewals programme we have ever embarked on and we’re pleased to have awarded the final two contracts that will help us deliver the maximum benefits of safe, reliable and smooth journeys for many years to come.” 

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