Confiscated bikes to be crushed


Published on 15 April 2016 by Mike Waters

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In what might be either a very dangerous or a very interesting precedent, the New York Police Department will crush seized dirtbikes on television as a deterrent to irresponsible road use.

More than 300 dirtbikes, which are not road legal in the city and which are often used in large numbers by roving groups, have been seized so far this year after a police crackdown. One high profile brawl in 2013 left a biker paralysed and saw eleven convictions, including one for an undercover NYPD detective.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced the impending destruction of the bikes, said: “We are going to crush them on TV to make a point.” 

While we don't want to see perfectly good bikes destroyed, it occurred to us that this idea could be expanded beyond just bikes to all road users to provide a deterrent to irresponsible road use. It's only fair, after all... 

What do you think? What offences – or just plain bad manners – do you think should be punished by having the vehicle involved crushed? Tell us on our Facebook page.

Picture by William Hoiles