Consultation on testing change launched

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Published on 11 February 2021 by Mike Waters

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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has launched a consultation on a number of proposals that could see a significant change to motorcycle licence testing 

As part of a larger group of proposed changes that would also affect cars, vans, lorries and minibuses, the DVSA is inviting the public’s views on changing the minimum motorcycle capacity for A2 tests from the current 395cc to 245cc.

Explaining the thinking behind the proposal, the DVSA said: “Reducing the size of the motorcycles that may be used for the A2 motorcycle test acknowledges changes in engine capabilities and power output. Logically, if a motorcycle has a power that it requires an A2 licence to ride it, then a candidate ought to be able to take their test using that machine. 

Many people would find the lighter 250cc models of motorcycle much more suitable for them. It could also encourage more people to upgrade from an A1 category motorcycle (up to 11KW and 125cc) after their compulsory basic training (CBT). They might then feel comfortable and safe enough to upgrade their motorcycle to a 250cc or slightly larger model.” 

The consultation will be open until March 22 2021 and can be found here 

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