Coronavirus warning on part-worn tyres

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Published on 26 February 2020 by Mike Waters

A charity has issued a warning to road users thinking of turning to part-worn tyres as a low-cost alternative to new imported tyres amid trading disruption caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Inexpensive imported tyres are a routine sight on the nation’s roads, but a statement by TyreSafe released on February 26 explained that: “The vast majority of these are imported into the country from China and across South East Asia where the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to governments closing facilities such as schools and factories to limit the spread.

“As a consequence, the level of supply the UK has become accustomed to for many products has been reduced. While stocks remain across Britain, it is inevitable these will become scarcer if the current approach to containing the spread of Coronavirus continues.”

In light of this disruption, there are concerns that road users will be tempted to opt for cheap part-worn tyres instead. However, TyreSafe argue that this approach comes with significant risks and the charity also noted that: “TyreSafe investigations have found nails, sockets and dangerous repairs on part-worns being sold to unsuspecting motorists… With nearly two-thirds of the part-worn tyres inspected by TyreSafe during these investigations being unsafe to return to the road network, grave concerns remain over how competent part-worn retailers are when undertaking these checks – if they are carried out at all.”

Commenting, TyreSafe’s Chairman Stuart Jackson said: “In our experience, part-worn means part-safe. Not only that, part-worns rarely last as long – driving up their lifetime cost. TyreSafe’s advice is to seek a good deal on a mid-priced tyre and carry out regular checks to get the best out of that tyre over its full potential lifespan. Ensuring air pressure, condition and tread depth are properly maintained on a new tyre will minimise your risks and offer optimal value.”

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