COVID-19: MOT test centres to stay open

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Published on 4 January 2021 by Mike Waters

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The government has confirmed that MOT test centres are to remain open in all parts of the United Kingdom despite the recent changes to the Tier system 

Guidance has also been issued to help customers and staff remain safe while tests are being conducted.  

statement by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) confirmed that: 

To help ensure MOT testing can be conducted safely, you can read our guidance for MOT testers about operating safely during coronavirus. 
You and DVSA staff must wear a face covering in all indoor public areas unless you have a reasonable excuse not to. The DVSA’s MOT approvals and enforcement work will also continue.
A vehicle needs to have a valid MOT if it is being used, except for the journey to a pre-booked MOT. 
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Picture credit: Marc Klaassen on Unsplash