Data reveals lack of action against theft

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Published on 31 January 2019 by Charlie Bliss

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The publication of new statistics shows the extent of motorbike theft in London and how little is being done to counteract it.

Upwards of 45,000 moped or motorcycle thefts were reported between January 2015 and October 2018. However, only 1,200 individuals were charged with a criminal offence, while 70 were given a caution. Therefore at least 31,000 reports of motorcycle crime were abandoned with no known suspect identified.

The statistics were the result of a Freedom of Information request by a motorbike user concerned with the police response to the theft of his BMW GS.

The news has drawn attention to increasing concerns about the motorcycle theft crisis in the capital and whether the issue is being combated effectively by the Metropolitan Police.

Recent efforts to tackle the rising threat of bike crime include the assembly of a dedicated taskforce by Minister of State for Police Nick Hurd MP, as reported by the BMF. However, concerns have been expressed over the fact that the group only plans to meet twice annually.

On average, approximately 800 motorbikes were stolen from January to October 2018.

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