DVLA warns on vehicle tax enforcement

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Published on 12 February 2020 by Mike Waters

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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is highlighting its enforcement of vehicle tax as part of its ongoing #TaxItOrLoseIt campaign.

Evasion of vehicle tax is a chronic problem. Although more than 98% of road users do tax their vehicles as required by law, many thousands of instances of tax evasion still occur per year and the result is clamping, fines or other penalties such as court action or even confiscation by the authorities.

A DVLA campaign last year highlighted the worst areas in the country for tax evasion and demonstrated the scale of the problem. London took the dubious honour of being the worst region in the country by far for vehicle tax evasion with 122,155 enforcement actions of all kinds, while Northern Ireland was second with 73,460 actions and Birmingham rounded out the top three with 55,121.

In a blog post on the DVLA’s website, UK Enforcement Manager Elaine Rees said: “No matter where you live, we take action against those who don’t tax. A range of measures, such as fines and penalties, stickers, wheel clamping and communications designed to change behaviour, are having a positive effect in combating tax evasion.

“If you’re caught without tax, it’s expensive, inconvenient and just not worth it.”

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