Electric speed world record smashed

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Published on 26 September 2019 by Mike Waters

The world record for the fastest electric motorcycle has been broken in Yorkshire.

Riding Nottingham University’s Isle of Man TT zero bike in windy conditions at the Straightliners ACU/FIM World Speed Records event at Elvington, Zef Eisenberg reached a spectacular 197mph at the fastest point of his run and achieved an average kilometre speed of 185mph.

The choice of bike was significant for Eisenberg because it was previously ridden to three consecutive podium finishes at the Isle of Man TT by his MADMAX teammate Daley Mathison. After Daley’s tragic death at this year’s TT, Eisenberg promised Daley’s widow Natalie that he would break the record on the bike as a tribute.

Commenting in a Facebook post, a delighted Eisenberg said: “I cannot explain how happy I am with this electric bike designed by the students of Nottingham University, led by the amazing Professor Miquel Gimeno-Fabra. I wore Daley Mathison's 'daisy' special knee sliders for all the runs. I felt Daley ride the bike to victory with me. I promised I would make Daley's bike a world record bike and that has been achieved.”

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