Fastest wheelie in the world!

world wheelie championships 2016

Published on 23 August 2016 by Robert Drane

The Motorcycle Wheelie World Championships saw riders shatter the 200mph barrier on just one wheel last weekend!

Egbert van Popta on his bike, World Wheelie Record 2016

Egbert van Popta, champion and wheelie record-holder 2016

Now in its 11th year, riders attempted the fastest wheelie possible over a distance of a whole kilometre at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire. With no mechanical or electronic aids allowed, riders had to rely on skill alone.

The championship and the Guinness World Wheelie Record went to Egbert van Popta from Holland who maxed-out at 213.309mph riding a Hayabusa Turbo. The record was previously held by Gary Rothwell from Liverpool, the 2015 champion.

Gary came second this year on 206.049mph. Third was Cecil "Bubba" Myers on 197mph from Minneapolis USA.

Speaking to the York Press, Trevor Duckworth, director of organiser Straightliners Events, said: “From the very early days of this competition we wanted to involve the average guy on his sports bike. We believe we have achieved this by attracting serious motorcycle riders from all walks of life.”

The organiser’s next high-speed events will be The Ramsey Sprint (September 1 2016) and Top Speed weekend (September 17-18 2016). Find out more here.


Main photo by Phil Evans
Egbert van Popta image by Worldreach
Both images courtesy of World Reach Comms. Some information with credit to Paul Cumpstone.