FEMA Spring Meeting


Published on 13 June 2019 by Mike Waters


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The BMF attended the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA) Spring Meeting on June 1 2019 at the Hotel Duo. It was hosted by the Czech national organisation UAMK, and was superbly organised by Matus Skorik and his team. The delegates and staff, numbering 28, came from 17 national organisations, with a further five represented by proxy. The BMF’s Anna Zee, in her role as FEMA President, chaired the meeting.

New Members
Among the delegates were four from two organisations that were welcomed by the whole Committee as full members, following a decisive vote at the Spring meeting.

Having finally created a constitutional federation of regional organisations under the umbrella organisation CCM after a year spent working through the details, CCM were recognised as full members.

MotoADN Romania
Only established in December 2018, MotoADN made an excellent presentation at the meeting after having already filed a very comprehensive constitution with the FEMA staff. The meeting voted to welcome MotoADN as full members with immediate effect.

Financial Report
The BMF’s Jim Freeman, in his FEMA role as Treasurer, presented the 2018 Accounts which were accepted unanimously by the Committee. He reported minor accounting changes from 2017, which were caused by the change of accountants in 2018. The current year's performance was conforming to the budget voted for at the AGM in February 2019.

Reducing motorcycle casualties in Europe
A debate was followed by an electronic survey, reaching an overall conclusion that what needed changing was the way people thought. Show people what to do, how to do it and why.

European Parliament
Following the MEP elections, Bernd Lange will, in co-operation with FEMA, start a motorcycle group in the new Parliament. This is important for FEMA, as it will give the opportunity to set large parts of the agenda. FEMA have gone back to a ‘roots’ campaign, with flyers being hand-delivered to each MEP’s Parliamentary mailbox, for inauguration in July. This was felt by the staff to be a better option than electronic messaging, as each new MEP is met with an avalanche of emails.

The meeting closed with plans for the next Committee meeting in October, which will be held in Brussels.

Picture credit: Wim Taal